PROGRAMMABLE TABLET DISINTEGRATION TESTER MODEL ED - 2L TABLET DISINTEGRATION TESTER MODEL ED - 2AL Microprocessor Based Tablet Disintegration Machine Disintegration test Apparatus for Suppositories and Pessaries
S.S. Tablet Inspection Belt D.T. Waterbath Lacquer Porosity Test Apparatus STRONG COBB. HARDNESS TESTER
MONSANTO HARDNESS TESTER Six Stage Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus Tablet Inspection Machine Digital Tablet hardness tester with LCD
Tablet hardness tester (Automatic) Tablet Friability Test Apparatus with LCD Display Electronics Friabilator AUTOMATED FRIABILATOR WITH LCD DISPLAY MODEL EF-1 W
Microprocessor bulk density Apparatus with LCD Display Precision Melting Point-cum-boiling point apparatus Melting Point Apparatus Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader
TAP DENSITY APPARATUS MODEL ETD-1020 Tap Density Apparatus    

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With all Standard accessories such as 7 Nos. Merlon Jars,  8 Nos.  Jar Lids,  7 Nos.   Fan  paddles,   6   Nos.  Basket Paddles,  with  Baskets & 1 No.  Acrylic Water Bath with Heater  including  sensor. 


MODEL TDT-06T AS PER USP/IP/BP/DAB                  

        With Programmable System Control  with Digital RPM,  Temperature and  Elapsed Time  Displays   for   five   sampling intervals,  Built-in  control of speed, Bath  vessel  Temperature, Interfaces for  automated Collector.

              FEATURES :-

Step schedule for  spindle  timer.

Variable  Speed  Drive (30 to 200 RPM). 

7 USP Plastic 1000ml  Dissolution Vessels clear or Amber Color (Please Specify).

6 shafts and 40 mesh Baskets (USP I).

7 paddles (USP II).

6 self centering "Ease Align" Centering Ring.

One Aluminium Powder Coated Bath Plate

One Acrylic water bath with heater. 





              MODEL TDT-06P AS PER USP/IP/BP/DAB        


                        * 7 Clear / Amber Color  1000ml Plastic Vessels

                        * 8 Vessel Lids

                        * 6 Basket shafts with Baskets (USP I)

                        * 6 Stirrer Paddles (USP II)

                        * 1 Stirrer paddle for circulation of water inside the water bath.               

                        * Acrylic water bath with heater and R.T.D. Sensor Probe.

* Powder Coated Aluminium Bath Plate with 6 adjustable Vessel plates  for easy centering.

                        * External Temperature Probe.

                        * Shaft tightening key set.


                        * Touch Sensitive key pad with numeric & dedicated parameter keys to input all data.

                        * LED Display for better visibility from a distance.  (For all parameters

                         Steps, RPM, Temperature, Sampling interval etc)

                 * Facility to store twelve Monographs for 12 different products. 

                    Each monograph supports 12 steps of parameter settings.

                 *  Six test stations arranged for easy access.

                 *  Stirrer Shafts are designed in such a way that TDT-06P can support both

                     basket & paddle  methods  (USP Apparatus I & USP  Apparatus II) without any

                    additional  software to adjust the height of the drive head.

                      *  Heating System:

Used 1.2 KW  spreader heater inside the water bath for maintaining uniform   

temperature.  Temperature range 30C to 40C  0.2C

            *   Two temperature sensing probes:

                 One inside the bath for controlling the temperature at set value.

                 One external probe for monitoring the temperature inside the test vessels.

                 *   Electronic Speed control: 25 to 200 RPM 1.

                 *   Sampling interval: 1 min. to 99 hrs. 59 min. 0.01%

                 *  Print interval from 1 min. to 60 min. can be set & documented validation report of all critical  operating parameters including the percentage deviation in RPM and difference in test temperatures is printed during the test when the printer is connected.

                 *  Centronics Parallel Port for connecting 80 Column dot matrix, IBM Graphics compatible Printer.

                 *   TTL Output for  Auto Sampler Pump & Fraction Collector.



             12 Channel Peristaltic Pump for sample Transfer  on  Dissolution Bath, Planetary Drive  design  for  smooth  flow.  Bi- Directional TTL Actuated Operation for Pumping & Purging. Flow rate 25ml/min. Include Adjustable Pump cartridges. 


             Available   in   Durable   & Chemical  Resistance   Viton   or   Conventional

             Silicon packing of 12 pieces. 

             Viton suitable for SLS                                        

             or / and Silicon suitable for Aqueous liquid       

             and PTFE Carrier Tubing                                    

             SAMPLING MANIFOLD                                                    

             Sampling Manifolds Consist of Manifold with Type 316 Stainless steel sampling Cannulas. Eliminates the problem faced during media changeover. 

              FRACTION COLLECTOR                                     

             to collect 6 x 12 total samples.

              Printer (80 column Dot Matrix)                           

              For validation repot.


              Optimizes  filter  Life  by  Providing increased Surface Area.   

              Filter - 15 - Micron (Set of 6)                                


           * ALUMINIUM COLLARS (6 NOS.)                        

               to hold small mini jars. 

           * GLASS JAR (6 NOS.                                          

              Capacity 250 ml.

            * MINI PADDLES (6 NOS.)                                   

              as per Japan Pharmacopea.

            * EVAPORATION DISCS (6 NOS.)                       

              for mini jars.


            * CENTERING GAUGE :                                    

              Designed to check Centering

              & Wobbling of Baskets or Paddle


            * VERNIER CALLIPER :                                    

        Designed to check the depth (2.5cm, 2mm) of Paddle or basket for USP Apparatus I & II.

            * THERMOMETER       :                                    

              Range 10C to 50C with Certificate.  

            * CENTERING DEVICE  :                                  

              for centering of vessel with reference to stirrer.

           * HAND HELD TACHOMETER                          



            MODEL TDT-08L AS PER USP XXIV              




            MODEL TDT-08L AS PER USP XXIV             


            SALIENT FEATURES : 

                                LCD DISPLAY (20 X 4 Lines)

                    Menu Driven Software with ON-LINE Help.

                    8 Paddle System

                    Snap-Fit Paddles

                    Precise Individual Vessel Centering system

                    Sturdy bath top plate with clear moulded bath.

                    Real time clock (with Y2K Compliance)

                    Temperature control wake up (Heater turns on at preset clock time)

                    16 Programmable sample intervals & 20 programmable    monographs

                    Validation print out with summary of test.

                    Power failure recovery.

                    On-Line/Off-line sampling facility

                    Volume adjustable from 1 to 99 ml.

                    Vibration free, smooth electrical lift movement

                    Auto calibration of temperature

                    Reduces Routine Validation

                    Audio-Visual status and error indication

                    On-line validation of RPM.

                    Instrument leveling system




Six Stage Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus

dissolution rate testThe apparatus is designed for simultaneously carrying out six dissolution tests of test tablets/capsules/granules and is suitable for quality control and research laboratories in Pharmaceutical Industries.

The apparatus is assembled on a mild steel platform on which a constant temperature water bath made of acrylic is kept on the top of platform.

The unit incorporates one synchronous motor to drive six spindles simultaneously. A set of stirring accessories consisting of stainless steel rod with detachable gold plated basket and stainless steel stirring paddles as per IP/BP/USP std. is supplied for fixing it to each spindle. This is a microcomputer based RPM controller. It has fixed RPM setting 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150.

The top cover of the acrylic water bath tank holds seven numbers of round bottom flanged glass vessel. Each is provided with acrylic top cover and having a center hole with slit for the stirrer shaft.

A 1.5 kw water heater running on all the four side of the water bath is fixed at the bottom of the water bath. Temperature and Time indicator have both combined in one display unit thereby providing accurate digital indication of both the parameters. The indicator shows Temperature and Time alternately every 5 seconds. The Temperature sensing is done by PT-100 probe.

The vessel arrangement is three on front side and four on back side.


RPM : 25,50,75,100,125,150
Resolution : 1 R.P.M.
Accuracy : +/-1 R.P.M.
Temperature : Digital display 37.0 C to 37.20 C
Timer : 1 Min. to 99 Hrs. 59 mm. Micro-com. Based.
Power : 230 V AC 50 Hz.
Dimensions : 56cm x 65cm x 94cm




              MODEL ED - 2L as per USP/IP/BP          

               with Green light illumination.

           As per USP Model with two USP  Baskets assembly.  Each  Basket  can  hold six tablets.  The instrument  is  provided with   prog.   temperature   indicator controller  for the water bath and prog. dual range timer in mins. & secs. and in hours &  mins. with alarm and extra Temperature Probe complete. 


 1. Digital Indicator for Temperature with  Optically Isolated Electronic heater driver with water bath.

 2.  Smooth Maintenance free drive.          

 3.  Programmable timer in mins/secs.         

 4.  Sleek & Rugged.

 5.  Soft membrane key pad and Splash proof panel.

 6. Ergonomically Designed Control Panel.

 7. Gearless Drive.

 8. Swivel free Basket Movement.

 9. Green light illumination increases  visibility.


Temp. Range :  20.0 TO 39.0C

Accuracy        :  +/- 0.2 C

Resolution      :  0.1

Timer             : 1 sec. to 99.59   


Display           : 3 digit LED


Power supply  :  220 V AC





    MODEL ED - 2AL as per USP/IP/BP                             

                with green light illumination

            FEATURES :-

1.      Digital  Indicator for Temperature with Optically isolated

Electronic heater driver with water bath.

                        2. Smooth Maintenance free drive.

3. Dual Programmable Timer for independent  Stops with dual motors.

                        4. USP Basket with six Glass tube.                         

                        5. Sleek & Rugged.

                        6. Soft membrane key pad and Splash Proof Panel.

                        7. Ergonomically designed control panel.

                        8. Gearless Drive.

                        9. Green light illumination increases visibility. 

                        SPECIFICATIONS :-

                        Temp range      : 30.0 to 39.0 C

                        Display             : 3 digit LED Display

                        Dual Timer       : Settable from

                                                 1 min to 99 min.

                        Display             : 4 digital LED Display     

                        Power supply  :  220 V AC


             BOLUS BASKET AS PER USP (ED-2040)

               with one tube for large tablets

             BOLUS BASKET AS PER USP (ED-2030)

               with three tubes for large tablets



Microprocessor Based Tablet Disintegration Machine


Digital Temperature and Timer
Splash proof panel
Smooth up and down movement
Water bath for uniform temperature
Green fluorescent tube light for better viewing of tablet disintegration
With Water Circulation System (Optional)

microprocessorMicroprocessor based Tablet Disintegration Machine is used for testing the disintegration time for tablets, capsules, and other solid dosage forms. The machine is designed to meet the specifications of USP/IP/BP pharmacopoeia.

Acrylic Tank is placed on the platform. A square shaped immersion Heater is also fitted to this acrylic water bath. Two 1000 cc capacity beakers supplied with the equipment are filled with water and placed on the stand in the water tank. The water in the water bath is maintained at 37 C with an accuracy +/- 0.3 C. Temperature setting is not required. The built-in RTD sensor maintains the bath temperature.

Temperature and time indicators have both combined in one display unit thereby providing accurate digital indication of both parameters. The indicator shows Temperature and Time alternately every 5 seconds.

The equipment can carry out two disintegration test of tablets simultaneously. It works on 230 volts single phase A.C. 50 Hz.


Temperature : 36.8 C To 37.2 C
Accuracy : + /- 0.3 C
Power : 230 V 50 Hz.
Timer : 1 sec. to 99 min. 59 sec.
Strokes : 30 strokes/min
Water bath : 8 liters.
Dimensions : 39cm x 40cm x 51cm




Disintegration test Apparatus for Suppositories and Pessaries  (Model C-DS3)

The Apparatus consists of Acrylic water bath tank. The size of the tank is 31cm L x 21cm W x 27cm H fitted with immersion heater of 500W. The water bath tank is fixed on a mild steel plate, size 33 cm L x 36 cm W x 0.5 cm thickness.

Front panel incorporates main switch, temperature/Timer display. Imported water circulation pump is provided to keep the temperature of the water bath uniform. Green light illumination in acrylic bath for better viewing of Disintegration

A 500 W water heater running on all the four side of the water bath is fixed at the bottom of the water bath. Temperature and time indications have both combined in one display unit thereby providing accurate digital indications of both the parameters. The indicator shows temperature and time alternatively every 5 seconds. The temperature sensing is done by PT-100 probe.

3 nos transparent sleeves of Glass (Height 60cm) with an internal diameter of 52cm and wall thickness of about 3.5mm is fitted with stainless steel metal discs each of which contains 39 holes of 4mm each in diameter being distributed as per the specifications given by usp std.

The discs are separated by distance of about 30cm. The metal device is attached to the outer sleeves by means of three equally spaced hooks.

The equipment is suitable for 230 V AC 50 Hz and supplied with 2mt connecting cable.

The machine will be supplied without Thermometer.



4A PROGRAMMABLE Tablet  Friability Test


Apparatus (TM) Model EF - 2     

                       offers  counter  and  timer  mode of operation.  The unique front loading system  allows filling   and   auto discharging   of  tablets.   without opening or removing  the  drum  from its axis. The EF-2 supports "Roche" drum. (As per USP XXII, Supplement 9(Guidelines)

            Specifications :

                        R.P.M.                          :  25 R.P.M.

                    Accuracy                          :  +/- 1 RPM.

                         Timer                          :  Settable from 1 sec.

                                                                to 9 hrs. 59 mins. 59 sec.

                     Counter                           :  1 to 9999 Revolutions.

             No. of Drums                           :  Supports Two Drums.

             Drive System                           :  230 V A.C., 50 Hz.          

                      Display                           :  5 Digit LED Display for elapsed time & rev. count.

             OPTIONAL :

             ABRASION DRUM                               







Electronics Friabilator
Model :- C - FTA 10/20

Power: 230 V AC 50 Hz | 110 V 50/60 Hz (Optional)
Net Weight : 12 Kgs
Gross Weight : 22 Kgs
Dimension( L x W x H) : 305 x 305 x 205 (mm)

  • Automatic filling and discharge of tablets without drum removal.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • Dual mode programming for time and revolution count.
  • Back illuminated 2 line x 16 characters LCD display
  • Variable speed from 20 RPM to 50 RPM.
  • Calculation of friability- percentage weight loss.
  • Printer interface for test and validation report.


Number of test stations
1 or 2 including Friability Drum with opening,

Load and emptyine of the Drums.
The Friability Drum is loaded and emptied without removing and opening of the Drum.

Turning the speed.
Adjustable from 20 to 50 RPM accuracy+/l RPM.

Key pad
Membrane key pad with function keys.

2-line backlit LCD display for control and display of RPM during and display of results on completion of the test-Run.

Pre-selection of Test-Run Time
1n time: 1 Sec to 9 hrs: 59 minutes 59 seconds.
In Revolution: I to 9999.

The operation is completely Menu guided.

Result and documentation of RPM can be hard copied when suitable printer is connected To the standard parallel printer.

10% Angle for bigger sample
The FTA is equipped with adjustable feet for the angle adjustment of the drum in Accordance with USP/.EP requirements.









                        MODEL EF-1 W                        

            SPECIFICATIONS :                        

                        R.P.M.                         :           20 TO 40 R.P.M. (VARIABLE)

                        ACCURACY               :           +/- RPM

                        TIMER                        :           Settable from 1 sec. To 9 hrs 59 mins 59 sec.

                        COUNTER                  :           1 TO 99999 Revolutions.

                        NO. OF DRUM          :           Supports One Drum

(AD DRUM OR ABRASION DRUM)                     

                        DISPLAY                    :           24 X 2 Character LCD Display


            1.                  Automated Sample discharge

2.                  Filing of samples into the drum without removing the Drum.

3.                  Unique Front loading system

4.                  Supports the  AD Drum  & Abrasion Drum

5.                  10 degree Tilt of the drum with the bench top as per USP

6.                  Variable Speed from 20 to 40 RPM

7.                  Programmable Counter / Timer.

8.                  Validation of RPM and Count.

9.                  24 X 2 Character LCD Display

10.              Calculation of result like % Friability, weight lost

11.              RS-232 interface for weighing scale.

12.              Parallel port for complete test report with validation print out .

13.              Real Time Clock

14.              Unique Power detection.







Tablet Friability Test Apparatus with LCD Display


Salient Features







1.        Supports USP I & USP II Methods on the same unit

2.        Menu driven 24 x 2 LCD Display.

3.        Time & Date stamp for every test.

4.        Online validation.

5.        Calculation for Tap Density.

6.        Calculation for compressibility Index

7.        Calculation for Hausner Ratio.

8.        Supports 250ml & 100ml cylinders.

9.        Printer output for complete documented  results with validation report.


             TYPE                          USP I                                      USP II

             No. of Station               1                                              1

            Stroke Height               14 mm 0.2 mm                      3mm 0.3 mm

            Stroke / Minute             300                                          250

             Drive                :           2 Stepper Motor.

(One for each Station)

            Parallel port      :           For Printer (OPTIONAL)

            Power Supply   :           230 V AC / 50 H z

             OPTIONAL FOR ABOVE:

            * 100 ML MEASURING CYLINDER      





Tap Density Apparatus
Model :- C - TDA 2

Test Methods : USP I USP II ASTM (Optional)
No of Stations :   2
Drops/Min : 300(USP I) 250 (USP II)
Drop Height : 14+/-2mm (USP - I) &3+/-0.3mm (USP - II /ASTM)

Tap Count Range : 1-9999
Stand Accessories : Cylinders 100 ml & 250 ml & one each Cylinder
holder for 100 ml and 250 ml
Type of drive : Direct drive with stepper motor
Printer Support : 80 col Dot-matrix, HP DeskJet
Power Supply : 230 V 50 Hz | 110 V 50 / 60 Hz (Optional)
Dimension: (MM) 360 mm x 350 mm x 230 mm (without cylinders)
Net Weight : 20 Kgs
  • Supports both USP I USP II Method
  • Compiles with USP and ATSM specifications
  • Two cylinders holders with easy snap mechanism for 100 ml and 250 ml cylinders
  • 16 x 2 alphanumeric LCD Display
  • Simultaneous rotating and tapping motion assures an evenly packed surface
  • Easy to operate with menu driven software
  • Calculation of test results like tapped Density, compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio
  • Printer port for documentary test results as per GMP standard


JASHBIN's microcontroller based Tap density Apparatus TDA 2 compiles with USP and ASTM specifications. The unit is specially designed to study the packaging down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals and chemical powders, flakes, pellets, granules, and other bulk substances. Tap density is an essential test required in the process of tablet manufacturing, capsule filling and cosmetic manufacture.

To ensure a free drop of the cylinder from the required height the two stations are provided with friction free bearings. A simultaneous rotating and tapping motion minimizes any possible separation of the mass during tapping down. Each station is directly driven by independent motors.

The test can be performed in USP mode and User mode in both test methods a validation report can be printed at the end of test which includes the test. A validation report can be printed at the end of test parameters. The unit has a power failure detection facility which allows the user to complete the remaining test after the supply is resumed.












Specifications :                     

Pump Type       :  Dual Rollers

Tube size          :  1 mm to 8 mm Bore size. 

RPM                  :  1 to 200 RPM.

Flow Rate         :  0.8 ml to 1300 ml per min (78 Lit/per hr)

Display              :  3 digit LED Display. 

Accuracy           :  +/-1%

Direction           :  Reverse flow capability. 

Stop                  :  Instant Stop.                 

No. of Motors    :  One motor.

Discharge pressure           :  2 Bar.

Max. Head       :  30 Feet.



  SIZE: 6 MM ID X 9 MM OD                 







MODEL PP-50V                                                  

with head made of Engineering  Plastic


Head Type                               : Spring loaded track - dual roller.

Motor                                       : Stepper motor

Torque of the motor                : 3.5 kgs cm

Rpm                                        : 1 to 99 Rpm

Tube size                                : 0.8mm to 3mm ID.  1.6mm wall thickness

Flow rates                               : 0.1 ml/min to 100 ml/min

Direction                                 : By directional.

Input power                            : 230V AC / 50 Hz

Operation                               : Continues duty Operation






                        MODEL PP-201 FCH                               

                        (FIXED SPEED WITH COUNTER & FOR HIGH FLOW)

                         Model PP-201 FCH (HIGH FLOW) Single  Channel  Peristaltic  Pump with Counter. 

The counter controls the liquid flow or  (it is a volumetric  controller).  The 6-digit digital counter allows to set the different volume for the filling. 

                         SPECIFICATIONS :

                                    No. of Head     :  Single head.

                                    Pump Type      :  Dual Roller.

                                    Speed              :  150 RPM Fixed Speed.

                                    Tube                :  1 mm to 8 mm Bore Size

                                                                  and 1.5mm wall thickness.

                                    Direction          :  reverse flow capability.

                                    Stop                 :  Instant Stop.

                                    Flow Rate        :  Up to 1.5 Liters / min.

                                    Display             :  6 Digit display       

                                    Input Voltage   :  230 V / 50 Hz.

                                    Filling Volume :  60 ml to 130 ml Bottles.

                                    Accuracy          :  for 4 ml        : 2%

                                                               & for 200 ml: better than 1%

                                   Counter             :  When the process signal is given to fill, the pumps will go on after set numbers of counts with Unique no-drip programme. The signal is provided by the foot switch.  The fixed speed Peristaltic Pump is provided with foot switch.       


S.S. Tablet Inspection Belt : 

Suitable for 100 % visual inspection of both sides of tablets (size 4 mm to 12 mm). Approximately 1 lakh Tablets per hour can be inspected with the help of two operators. Two foot switches are provide to stop the moving belt by either of the two operators. Newly introduced microprocessor control panel is provided on the front side of the machine. The equipment is fabricated with 304 & 316 grade s.s as per GMP standard.

Work on 230 V 50 Hz.


S.S. Tablet Inspection Belt. (GMP - Standard) Model:- T TIB-S-2.

This machine is specially designed for 100% visual inspection of tablets from both sides. 1,00,000 tablets per hour can be inspected on this new GMP model by employing two operators, thereby reducing inspection Cost considerably.

Tablet Inspection belt consist of stainless steel complete body, S.S. Hopper, from which tablets fall on a Six (6)" inches magnetic Vibrator which removes chips and dust from the tablets and feed them on six (6)" inches wide belt for one Operator to inspect one side of the tablets. These tablets are automatically passed on another belt for second Operator to inspect the other side of the tablets (Min size of the tablets 14mm & Max. size of the Tablets 19 mm.

New microprocessor based electronic control panel gives new look and is easy for operation. Touch switches are provided to operate the machine. The intensity of the vibration of the Vibrator can be varied to ensure smooth falling of tablets on the belt, Similarly speed of the belt can also adjusted so that inspection rate can be increased-depending on the percentage of the rejections.

Complete body, Hopper Top angles etc are made of stainless steel. Main Stand is of M.S. angles. The three sides of the stand are covered with Stainless steel patty & S.S. Door.

Two foot switches are provided for operators. The machine is suitable for 230 volts single Phase. A.C. 50 Hz. & as per GMP standard


Length. : 200 cm.
Height : 150 cm.
Width. : 50 cm.
Approx. Gross Wt. : 460 Kgs.
Net Wt. : 360 Kgs.
Motor : 1/2 HP or 1/3rd HP single phase.

Belt Size 6" width X 69" length
6" width X 157.5" length
Dimension 205cm x 50cm x 150cm

Ideal for visual inspection of medicinal tablets, ink tablets, rubber caps & confectionary sweets etc.






Digital Tablet hardness tester with LCD Display
Model :- C - DHT 50

Salient Features
  • Micro Controller based system with backlit 2 lines big character display.
  • Report Generation and Printing of reports facility.
  • The results are stored and can be printed even after power failure.
  • Passing criteria can be set and report is generated with remarks.
  • Choice of 3 different units for measurement
  • Calibration kit specially developed to ensure complete accuracy.
  • User friendly operation as completely menu driver with suggested actions and error messages
  • Broken samples can be removed easily by special collection tray.
  • Clock and calibration is password protected.

JASHBIN Electronics has been pioneers in Test Lab Instruments for pharmaceutical Industries. Our emphasis has been on the continuous development and upgrading the product using the latest technology to make instruments more accurate and user friendly.

C-DHT 50 is result of our commitment to give economical, fully calibrated solution in quality assurance for Tablet Testing.

C-DHT 50 uses an load cell with strain measuring gauge micro controller based circuit to give accurate results and faster response. The stainless steel test jaw is driven by accurately machined screw mechanism and hand wheel which requires last efforts. The complete security has been provided with password. Calibration kit and software specially developed to calibrate this unit by customer himself. The linearity of system can also be checked by using weight holder and using weight mode.

Specifications :-

Max Force :- 50Kg/ 490 N/ 49 Kp
Tablet Size :- Max 30 mm
Operation :- Manual
Accuracy :- +/- 0.1 Kg
Display :- 2 X 16 Character back lighted LCD all angle display.
Clock :- Real time Clock
Memory :- Results of 50 Tablets
Printer Interface :- Centronics (25 - pin D connector)
Printer Supported :- 80 Col Dot Matrix, Desk Jet
Power Supply :- 230 V AC 50 Hz 1 ph (Optional 110v 60 Hz)
Fuse Rating : 2 Amps
Battery : 3.6 V 600 mAh for real time clock
Size :- L 340 mm X W 230 mm X H 225 mm


Digital tablet hardness tester:

The Tablet hardness tester, type DHT was developed to offer an economical, fully calibrated solution for quality control of solid dosage froms such as tablets, cores etc.

Test Jaw : The stainless steel jaw is driven manually by hand-wheel and spindle

Measuring System : For determination of test results the DHT uses an Electronic load cell.

Display Readout : The maximum force of the hardness determination is shown by LCD display in kg/N/Kp

Accuracy : The accuracy of the reading is +/- 0.1Kg

Control of Accuracy : The accuracy of display results can be checked by putting calibrated weights to the load cell

Emptying of test station : The broken samples are removed from the test station manually by easy-to-clean S.S tray

Power supply : 230V / 50Hz 1ph (Optional 110 v 60 Hz)




Tablet hardness tester (Automatic)
Model :- C - DHT 100

Length - Dimensions (L x W x H) = 420 x 300x 240 (mm)
Gross weight - 30Kg
Net weight - 19 Kg
Motor - Stepper
Supply - 230 V 50 Hz (110 V 60 Hz Optional)

The JASHBIN Tablet Hardness Test, type DHT was developed to offer an Economical, fully calibrated solution for Quality Control of solid dosage forms such as Tablets, oblongs, cores etc.

Test Jaws :
The stainless steel jaw is driven by Motorized system.

Tablet Size:
1mm to 25mm

Measuring System :
For determination of test results (1-500 N) the JASHBIN DHT uses an electronic load cell with strain measuring gauge.

Display of Results :
The maximum force of hardness determination is shown by 16 x 2 line backlit LCD display either in Kg, N or Kp

Accuracy :
The Accuracy of the load cell is +/-0.1 K.g

Control of Accuracy
The accuracy of the display results can be checked by putting Weight/s to the load cell. Special "Weigh" mode is available from Menu

Calibration kit is provided (Extra Cost)

JASHBIN test report can be printed on Desk Jet or Dot Matrix







Microprocessor bulk density Apparatus with LCD Display (GMP - std)

Features :


Precision Melting Point-cum-boiling point apparatus
Model C-PMB-2

We have specially designed this new type - of Precision Melting Point-cum-Boiling Point Apparatus; which can be used for finding out the melting point & boiling point of the substances with high degree of accuracy.

The characteristic feature of the instrument is a small U-shaped glass container made from corning glass, its two tubes which are open at top have a lateral connection.

An electrically driven stirrer dips into the rear portion of the U-shaped tube. The front tube is fitted with a 'Teflon' plug which serves as :

Entry for a thermometer
Entry for three melting point capillary tubes of 1 mm dia.
Entry for Boiling Point Capillary.
Entry for a base plate on which rests the thermometer and the 3 capillary tubes, which ensures that the test material is on the same level as the bulb of the thermometer.
The 'Teflon' plug also carries the electric heating coil.
The U-Tube is filled with inner liquid (Silicon Oil) so that good circulation is ensured and that both the capillaries and thermometer are well immersed.

The U-Tube and motor are clamped to a support rod. The based on the apparatus is made from steel and incorporates the following parts :

A variable transformer 0 to 260 volts to the mains supply which allows stepless regulation of heating current. On the left of Rotary knob is main 'ON' and 'OFF' switch and a pilot lamp and on the right are two switches one for heating coil with illumination and the other for stirrer.

The base also supports an adjustable magnifying glass which permits excellent observation of the test material in the capillary tubes, which in turn, are illuminated by two-6 volt lamps. The magnifier is easily adjustable for the most favourable observation and the two light bulbs are screened to prevent glare.

Below the U-Tube there are holes on a tube which can be connected to a compressor, in order to allow rapid cooling of the heating medium, readiness for the next test.

The rate of temperature rise can be exactly adjusted within wide limits. The heat transfer to heater material and to the thermometer is intense and constant. The test sample and the thermometer are kept exactly at the same temperature. The instrument is very useful for determination of the so called 'Momentaneous' melting point; because the temperature can be maintained constant at any level.

The Precision Melting Point Apparatus can also be used as a Boiling Point Apparatus for determination of boiling point of liquids by using Boiling Point capillary supplied with equipment.

The equipment is suitable for 230 Volts single phase. 50 c/s Hz only.

Dimensions : 24cm x 20cm x 49cm


Melting Point Apparatus :
Model :- C - LMP-1

Specifications :

Resolution : 0.1 Degree C
Display : LCD
Temperature : Ambient to 350 Degree C
Accuracy : +/- 0.3 C
Memory : stores 2 readings per sample for 3 samples
Ramp rate : 3 Degree C per minutes
Power : 230 V 50 Hz
Dimension : 235x260x324 mm
Weight : 9 Kgs
Melting Point Apparatus is used to detect the the melting point of substances. The C-LMP 1 Digital Melting Point Apparatus makes measurements simple fast and
very convenient an indispensable bench top tool for the busy modern laboratory.
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for transparent as well as color samples
  • Micro-controller based to give accurate of heating
  • Backlit 2 x 16 character all angle LCD Display
  • A membrane key pad allow easy operation for setting, storing and printing.
  • Printer port for Dot-Matrix and DeskJet Printer
  • Real Time Clock
  • Printing report from print key
  • Result storing even after power failure
  • Special Tray arrangement to remove broken capillaries








Tablet Inspection Machine
Model :- C - SIB3

Length: 200 mm
Height : 1500 mm
Width : 500 mm
Approximate Weight : 430 Kgs
Net Weight - 250 Kgs
Motor power : 230 V 50 Hz Single Phase
Size of the belt :
15cm x 172.5cm (W x L)
15cm x 393.75cm (W x L)
  • Microprocessor Control Based Panel
  • 100% Reversible
  • Inspection from both sides
  • Easy to operate & easy to clean
  • Superior belt quality

This machine is specially designed for 100% visual inspection of tablets from both sides and 1,00,000 tablets per hour can be inspected on this new GMP model (min size of the Tablet 3 mm & max size of the Tablet 19mm)

New microprocessor based Electronic control panel gives new look and easy Operation. Touch switched are provided to operate the machine. The intensity of the vibration of the vibrator can be varied to ensure smooth falling of tablets on the belt, similarly speed of the belt can also be adjusted so that inspection rate can be increased-decreased depending on the percentage of rejection. Ideal for visual inspection of medicinal tablets, ink tablets, rubber caps & confectionary sweets etc.





Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader


Digital Indications of antibiotic zone diameter using a micro-computer.
Measurement range 00.00 to 35.00 mm diameter readability 0.01mm.
Average of two diameter readings in vertical & horizontal direction of inhibition zone.
Recall average diameter of 4 inhibition zones.
Key operations are acknowledged by beep sound.

The antibiotic zone reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials by measuring the diameter of an inhibition zone in a petri-dish.

In use, the discs are placed on a petri-dish prepared with agar and inoculated with bacteria. After incubation, the bacteria cover the entire dish except for a circular inhibition zone around, it being a function of the strength of the antibiotic.

This zone reader measures the diameter of the inhibition zone to 0.02 mm within range of 0 to 35 mm diameter. Light from a source from the top, passes through the transparent and semitransparent portions of the agar, then to a reflecting mirror supported by an arm above the unit. The mirror reflects the light to glass prism mounted at the front of the unit and magnified image of the zone of inhibition is clearly visible.

Advantages :

1. An accurate method of determining the strength of antibiotic materials.
2. Magnified image of the inhibition zone is clearly visible on the prism.
3. Less time-consuming for measuring the accurate diameter of an inhibited zone.
4. Easy to operate for single person.
5. Display shows direct reading.
6. Vertical & horizontal reading of the zone stored in memory.


Power. : 220 V 10% 50 Hz.
Size. : 35 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.
Weight. : Gross 25 Kgs.