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  • Absorbance

  • Concentration

  • % transmission

  • Time Scan


  • Single Wave length

  • Multi wave length

  • Scan








High performance STABLE BEAM optics, 1200 lines/mm Grating, Czerny Tuner mount monochromator.


Range : 200 to 1000 nm; 0.2 nm increment.

Accuracy : 1nm

Repeatability : 0,5 nm

Bandwidth : 2nm

Slew (drive) speed : 2400 nm/min.


Range : -0.3 to 2.5 a; 0 to 100% T.

Accuracy : 0.005A at 1A.

Repeatability : 0.002A at 1A

Noise : 0.001A

Drift (340nm) : < 0.001A/hr after 2 hr warmup.


Less than 0.1% at 220 nm and 340 nm.


Automatic base line correction.

0.002A flatness (typical)


Absorbance, %Transmission,

Concentration (K-factor; Multi standards upto 10; four curve fitting options).


Single/Multi wavelength, Scan with multiscan facility


SLOW MEDIUM FAST (Appor. 200, 400, 600nm/min for a span of 600nm)


Manual 4-position sample changer for 10 mm cuvettes.




Tungsten - Halogen lamp

Deuterium lamp


Wide range, solid state Silicon photocell.


Peak-pick, Point pick

Expansion of Spectra

Overlying of spectra

1st and 2nd derivation

Averaging of scans

Subtraction of first two scans

Spectrum Store / recall.


PC AT 386DX, AND HIGHER with SVGA monitor, DeskJet or LaserJet Printer Dot Matrix Printer


Display of graphic and tabular data on computer monitor.

Permanent data storage on hard disk


2 matched 10mm Quartz cuvettes.


Holder for 50mm cylindrical and rectangular cuvettes.

Adaptor for 1 ml solution in 4 ml cuvette


230 V 10%, 50Hz   




Wide spectral coverage and high resolution is achieved by using a powerful light source and a grating-based monochromator. A conveniently placed control enables the user to quickly orient the grating to provide monochromatic light of desired wavelength.

The electronic processing circuits and power supplies (SMPS) are solid state/LSI-based to ensure high accuracy, stability and long life.


  MODEL 106 MODEL 104
Wave length 340-960 mm 340-960 mm
Spectral Bandwidth 10nm 10nm
Wavelength Resolution 5 nm 5 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 5 nm 5 nm
Photometric resolution 0.1%T 0.1%T
  0.001A 0.001A
Modes %T, ABS, Conc., K-Factor %T, Conc., K-Factor
K Factor 0 to 1999  - -
Photometric 4 digits 4 digits
Read out LED LED
Grating 600 lines/mm 600 lines/mm
Detector Si-Photocell Si-Photocell
Source 12V, 50W lamp 12V, 50W lamp
Sample Holder Two position Single Position
  10mm path length 10 mm path length
  Cuvette Holder Cuvette Holder
Power Requirement 230V, 10%, 50Hz 230V, 10%, 50Hz
Standard Accessories 2 Nos. Glass cuvettes, Instruction Manual
Optional Single Position Holder for cylindrical / rectangular cell upto 50 mm path length.
Dimension 450 mm (W) x 310 mm (D) x 250 mm (H)
Weight 8 Kg. (Approx.)

We offer wide range, manual, micro processor based, PC based UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for wavelength range from 190 - 1000 nm.


LCMS - Shimadzu's QP8000a
Liquid Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer

simplicity, ease-of-use, ruggedness, compactness and affordability of a typical LC detector

What instrument qualities do you imagine when you hear "LC/MS" (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) ? Many scientists may reply with negative images, such as "difficult to operate", "hard to maintain", "very large", and "high-cost", even though there are many advantages of mass detection in liquid chromatography such as simultaneous structural elucidation and selective, sensitive quantitation.

Shimadzu's answer is the New
LCMS-QP8000a, designed to be a routine LC detector in our new VP series HPLC system. It brings the simplicity, ease-of-use, ruggedness, compactness and affordability of a typical LC detector into a quadrupole LC/MS.

Our design incorporates quadrupole mass spectrometer technology acquired through years of GC/MS production. In spite of its small size, this design has kept operation and maintenance in mind. The front entry interface chamber enables the user to access the ion source for column connection or maintenance. The built-in syringe pumps provide for infusion of the polyethylene glycol tuning standard and for the infusion of sample directly. Direct infusion is very useful for parameter optimization, which enables the development of highly sensitive and selective methods.

Combining HPLC and its liquid effluent with the vacuum requirements of mass spectrometry creates many technological challenges. Recent developments in atmospheric pressure interfaces have solved many of these problems. The LCMS-QP8000a offers two such interfaces: Electrospray Ionization (ESI) and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI). Together, these allow a wide range of HPLC analyses under a variety of mobile phase conditions.

CLASS-8000, our new 32-bit software provides the tools you need to be more productive and confident. All components are driven from an intuitive graphical interface completely compliant with Windows(R) NT. Complex instrument and data functions, such as automatic tuning, source recognition, high throughput analysis, library search, deconvolution of multiply charged ions and report formatting are handled by the software. This allows you to produce results rather than generate data.

For higher confidence in data, the CLASS-8000 has functions for security and checks, which support GLP/GMP for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Compliance issues are a major concern in today's regulated laboratory. The pharmaceutical and food industries are required to maintain detailed records associated with chain of custody, instrument methods, system suitability and post-run data processing. The CLASS-8000 package addresses these issues through extensive user security, audit trail logs, reprocessing overwrite protection and system diagnostics.






It is designed for use in routine testing, QC application and in research work. An accurate and simple instrument, it can be operated without special skill. It incorporates high power tungsten excitation source and enable accurate  sensitive measurements. Applications include Pharma & related industries, pollution studies biological, estimation.

Specification :

Sensitivity : Full scale deflection obtained with 0.1 ppm quinine sulphate in 0.1 N sulphuric acid. (Primary wave length 360nm).

Display : Three Digits, Seven segment LEDs display.

Sample test tubes : 15mm(D) x 80mm(L) test tubes.

Minimum sample : 4ml

Excitation source : 50W Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Detector : Photocell

Power Requirement : 230V AC 10%, 50 Hz.

Standard Accessories : Primary filters 2 nos. (360 mm & 440 mm)

                                        Secondary Filters 3 nos. (485 mm, 550 mm, 650 mm)

                                        Test Tube 4 nos.

                                        Instruction Manual

Dimension : 263 mm(W) x 280 mm(D) x 157 mm(H)

Weight : 4.6 Kg. (Approx.)





LC-10Ai Bio-Inert


The LC-10Ai bio-inert HPLC Series of components were designed especially for analysts working with fragile bio-molecules. The biocompatible flow path of Poly Ester Ketone (PEEK) is resistant to corrosion from harsh solvents. It is easily maintained and protects samples from deleterious interaction and contamination. The LC-10Ai Series is excellent for separating biological samples. The mobile phase flow path contains no metal ions to leach from the system and interfere with samples. Lack of ion interference, combined with system durability and corrosion resistance, help to ensure reliable results.

..designed especially for analysts working with fragile bio-molecules.

Liquid Chromatograph

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC has, without a doubt, grown to be the most popular and versatile of all analytical techniques in laboratories today. Shimadzu offers complete solutions for HPLC. You don't have to struggle to combine components made by different manufacturers. All components are designed and manufactured by Shimadzu to work as integrated systems.

Shimadzu HPLC components have an outstanding reputation for long life, precision, and practically maintenance-free operation.



LC-2010 - High Productivity and Simple Operation
  Analytical to Prep
  BioInert HPLC
  Drug Discovery
  Application Systems
  Co-Sense Series automated sample pretreatment systems


  Solvent Delivery/Pumps
  Injection/Sample Prep
  Column Ovens

Chromatography Workstation and Data Processing System

LC World Talk:

LC World Talk is our semi-annual chromatography-related publication.
Downloading it is FREE, but we request you fill out the information.

History of Shimadzu High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer(LC/MS)

  LCMS-QP8000 a




Shimadzu High-Sensitivity Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer



The demands placed on analysis fueled by the need to analyze compounds such as non-volatile and thermally unstable compounds, and to perform trace analysis and ultra high-sensitivity analysis on complex matrices have created a need for a new, more powerful HPLC detector. The focus of efforts to develop such a detector has been to raise the selectivity of target compounds to enable acquisition of reliable and definitive qualitative data, while still relying on chromatography at the initial separation stage.
Now, a successful response to these demands points directly to the use of a high-sensitivity liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer detector (LC/MS). With the goal of creating "an LC/MS that can be used like an LC detector".
Shimadzu has developed an LC/MS system designed to support a wide range of analytical requirements.
Evolution from the LCMS-2010 to the LCMS-2010A achieves enhanced stability, reliability, and sensitivity. The LCMS-2010A is applicable to an extensive range of applications in the pharmaceutical and environmental fields.
  Key features  
  Productivity - High Sensitivity
Fast scanning electronics support 6000 amu/second (6000 data points per second) acquisition rates for fast chromatography applications. Peak widths of several seconds may be detected using fast scan rates to maintain spectrum quality without affecting the accuracy and precision of detection.
Unique Q-arrayTM (patent pending) ion guide. Q-array ion guide configuration is unique - three quadrupoles with different inscribed radii coupled with an octapole. The Q-arrayTM precisely focuses ion delivery into the mass analyser. The ion optic design for the LCMS-2010A is the most innovative design in ion focussing technology. Using the Q-arrayTM and octapole RF guides to precisely focus ions to the mass analyzer, we deliver new limits of detection for LC.
The interface has been designed to maximize analyte detection without compromise (Angle Spray). Delivering exceptional performance routinely. It has also been designed with simplicity. To clean and maintain the source is quick cleaning the ion entrance is achieved without venting the instrument.
Angle Spray   High Sensitivity : Reserpine 1pg




Columns for HPLC


Columns for HPLC
HT-ODS Columns/VP-ODS Columns


VP-ODS Columns


HT-ODS Columns

Best Partner
For High Throughput Analysis

Recently, the demand for high throughput analysis has increased. For HPLC methods, it is essential to save analysis time and to obtain reliable results. To meet such requirements, Shimadzu has developed the High Throughput (HT) column packed with very fine non-porous, high purity silica particles. With this column, it is possible to realize ultra high speed analyses (Analysis times within 1 minute.) Moreover, quality certificates for the uniformity of the packing material are provided for each column so it's easy to comply with validation requirements.
We are sure this column makes your analyses faster and more reliable.
High speed analysis
With 2um and non-porous packing material, it is possible to drastically reduce the gradient analysis run times while obtaining the same peak resolution. It is possible to finish an analysis within 1 minute. Shim-pack HT-ODS provides the capability of ultra high speed and high resolution analysis.

Validation compliance
We certify the reliability of the analysis data with a 3 column set made from different lots and attach quality certificates for the uniformity of the packing material.

The highest performance with Shimadzu LC-2010, High-throughput HPLC
The combination of the Shim-pack HT-ODS and the Shimadzu LC-2010 is sure to help you to achieve additional high throughput in your research and analysis.


High resolution by Non-porous silica
Fig.1 shows the time and the resolution in gradient analyses by a column packed with porous silica and one packed with non-porous silica. Non-porous silica shows higher resolution.
The time to obtain the same resolution with a non-porous column is less than the time required when using a porous silica column.

Fig.1 Time of gradient and resolution


Benefit of non-porous silica column - High speed and reliable Analysis
Fig.2 shows chromatograms of gradient analyses with the same resolution by non-porous packed column and porous packed column. Non-porous column realizes high speed and reliable analysis.
Non-porous silica column can save your precious time and provide you more satisfactory performance.

Fig.2 Comparison of retention time between non-porous and porous columns


Specifications of column






Shim-pack HT-ODS

30 X 4.6



Shim-pack HT-ODS
(3 column kit)

30 X 4.6

A kit of columns with packings
from three different production lots

VP-ODS Columns

The high performance, validated octadecysilyl columns were developed to meet GLP/GMP requirements in pharmaceutical and quality control laboratories.

Shimadzu's VP-ODS columns are backed by a comprehensive validation package including a physical properties certificate of compliance, a chromatographic performance certificate of compliance, and column performance report. Shimadzu VP-ODS columns are produced under strict manufacturing procedures to ensure a high degree of column-to-column as well as batch-to-batch reproducibility. Use of silica particles with extremely low metal content and efficient end-capping results in superior peak shape, even for acidic, basic or chelating compounds. The high NTP-to-operating pressure ratio enables increased flow rates to shorten analysis time without sacrificing chromatographic performance.

Shimadzu's VP-ODS columns are available in a variety of analytical as well as guard column sizes. Convenient three-column kits containing columns made from different silica lots and independently synthesized batches are also available to validate method ruggedness.





Gas Chromatograph

Overview of Shimadzu's GC
Since our first GC was introduced in 1955, Shimadzu has been developing innovative Gas Chromatography solutions. The Shimadzu GC product line encompasses the widest range of GC models, allowing the user to find an instrument matching the application requirements. Combining engineering expertise with the ability to listen to customer needs has resulted in an extensive array of GCs, sample handling, and data processing solutions.

" extensive array of GCs, sample handling, and data processing solutions."

GC Solutions
Select from three GC models to find the one best suited to your applications. The compact, economical GC-8A series is a single-detector solution to dedicated applications. The versatile GC-14 series uses a modular design, enabling a variety of configurations for your analysis requirements. The GC-17A series offers electronic flow and pressure control, for rapid, accurate analyses combined with ease of operation. The GC-2010 with GC solution workstation is the top of the line product for easy and efficient analysis. Shimadzu also offers application-specific systems, such as our Natural Gas Systems and Transformer Oil Gas Analysis System. These turn-key systems meet the needs of specific industries with reliable, superior performance.

Sample Handling Solutions
Increase laboratory productivity by automating your analyses with Shimadzu's AOC-20 sample injection system. Proven injection reproducibility is combined with easy operation and high throughput of up to 150 samples.

Data Processing and Instrument Control Solutions
Shimadzu also has the answer to your data processing needs. The C-R8A Chromatopac integrator efficiently acquires and processes the most complex chromatograms. Shimadzu's GCsolution and CLASS-GC10 Chromatography software package offers complete instrument control and data acquisition, managing each step of the analytical process from sample injection to report printout.

Gas Chromatographs
GC-2010 - High-end Gas Chromatograph
  GC-17A Ver. 3 Series - Our standard Gas Chromatographs
  GC-14B Series - Rugged, Workhorse, Modular Gas Chromatographs
  GC-8A Series - Simple, Dedicated, Single Detector Gas Chromatographs
  AOC-20i/s Autoinjector - Auto Injector
  Transformer Oil Gas Analysis System
  Natural Gas Systems

Chromatography Workstation and Data Processing System

Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer(GC/MS)

  GCMS Solution
  GCMS Accessories - Pyrolizer, Probe, Purge and Trap, Autosampler
  AOC-20i/s - Auto Injector




Revolutionary E3 Design Leads the Way to a New Century of GC Technology

The GC-2010 responds to recent requirement to higher analytical productivity with efficient analysis by fast speed analysis and by reduction of loss time. The GC-2010 equips, for fast speed analysis, the Shimadzu third generation AFC (advanced flow control) compatible with high pressure and high split ratio operation, and fast data acquisition at maximum 4ms (milli-second). The self diagnostics function helps preventive maintenance work to keep the system at optimum condition at any time. The results of self-diagnostics are transferred to the workstation, and can be used for system management information. Fast analysis and self-diagnostics provides operation of the GC to its maximum performance.

To respond any requirements coming from where a gas chromatograph shall be used, such as quality control section or research section, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical..., the GC-2010 has stable performance and miscellaneous functions including GLP/GMP support.

The GC-2010 equips a large LCD display (Gwindow). The Gwindow displays the status of the gas chromatograph for quick monitoring, as well as chromatogram. The easy to recognize keys are friendly to GC beginners. The workstation operation with the GCsolution is intuitive with assistant bar, data explorer and batch table wizard.

GC-17A Version 3
Validation and Productivity Tools



Shimadzu's GC-17A provides the parameter control necessary for the most demanding applications and schedules.

Confidence in Results
The GC-17Av.3 ensures that all the operating parameters are set reproducibly, including carrier gas flow, split ratio, all heated zone temperatures, detector combustion and make-up gas flows, and detector output range and current. Analyses are achieved quickly and confidently with electronic flow control of all carrier gas and detector gas functions. Shimadzu's Advanced Flow Control (AFC) of the carrier gas is teamed with Advanced Pressure Control (APC) of the detector gases (up to 14 flow channels), providing the most accurate GC performance available.

Simple Operation
Up to ten GC parameter files can be entered, and the GC can be directly controlled, with the intuitive keypad. Parameter data is carefully protected by a password system which limits access to critical settings. Set parameters automatically with the GC clock scheduler, so you can conserve gas at night and have the instrument ready to use in the morning.

This pJASHBINum GC combines the control and data protection required for ultimate confidence in rapidly obtained results, and is a cost effective solution for laboratories.

Detectors available:

  • FID (Flame Ionization Detector)
  • TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector)
  • ECD (Electron Capture Detector)
  • FTD/NPD (Flame Thermionic Detector, Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector)
  • FPD (Flame Photometric Detector)
  • PID (Photoionization Detector)
  • PDID (Pulse Discharge Ionization Detector)
  • ELCD (Electrolytic Conductivity Detector)

GC 17A Specifications

Column Oven Inner Volume:: 14.4 L (280W x 280H x 184D mm)
Temperature Range: Ambient + 4C - 450C (1C increments) -90C - 450C with original cryogenic accessories
Absolute temperature accuracy: 1% of the set temperature (Kelvins)
Temperature non-uniformity: Less than 2C
Temperature variation coefficient: 0.01C/C
Double overheat protection: Yes
Number of temperature ramps: 5 (cooling ramp possible)
Temperature program rate: ~ 100C/min in 1C increments
Maximum run time: 655 min
Injection Port Number of individually controlled zones: 2
Temperature range: ~ 450C (1C increments)
Temperature Program: Both heating and cooling step program
Double overheat protection: Yes
Types available: Split/splitless (standard), direct injection, on-column PTV (programmable temperature vaporizer)
Auxiliary Heated Zones One additional temperature-controlled heated zone (AUX1) standard, with additional 4 zones optional (AUX 2-5).
Detector Three detector zones with individual temperature control
Double overhead protection
Flow Control (AFC) Split/Splitless mode:
Pressure Range: ~ 400 kPA (in 1 kPA increments); Number of Program Steps: 5; Split Ratio Range: ~ 9,999 (in 1/1 ratio increments)
Direct Injection Mode:
Pressure control mode: ~ 400 kPA (in 1 kPA increments); number of program steps: 5; flow rate control mode: ~ 400 mL/min (in 1mL/min increments)
Flow Control (APC) Pressure Range: ~ 400kPA (in 1 kPA increments)
Number of program stops: 5
Display Two lines on backlit LCD display
Shows temperatures, times, pressure and other parameters.
Dimensions (mm), Weight (kg) 515W x 437H x 520D, 35
Power Requirements 100, 115, 220, 230, or 240 VAC as ordered, 50/60 Hz, 1800 VA


GC-8A Gas Chromatograph

The reliable and compact GC-8A is Shimadzu's basic gas chromatograph model for dedicated applications. Economical and simple to use, the GC-8A supports a single detector, manual pressure or flow control, on column injection port(s), and analog output. Isothermal or single temperature ramp program models are available. The GC-8A is only 17.3 inches (43.9 cm) wide, yet its large oven facilitates simple column installation and maintenance. Detectors available:


  • FID (Flame Ionization Detector)
  • TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector)
  • ECD (Electron Capture Detector)
  • FPD (Flame Photometric Detector)

GC-8A Specifications

Models available

Isothermal with TCD

Temperature program with TCD

Isothermal with FID

Temperature program with FID

Isothermal with ECD

Temperature program with FPD

Column oven temperature (isothermal models)

Temperature range: Ambient 399oC (1o increments)

Temperature control: Proportional integration type

Temperature control accuracy:

Heating speed: Ambient to 350oC in 13 minutes

Cooling speed: 350oC to 100oC in 3.5 minutes

Column oven temperature (temperature program models)

Temperature range: -100oC 400oC (cryogenic accessories required for sub-ambient temp. operation)

Temperature control: Proportional integration type

Temperature control accuracy:
0.1 oC

Heating speed: Ambient to 350oC in 13 minutes

Cooling speed: 350oC to 100oC in 3.5 minutes

Temperature program

(temperature program models)

Initial temperature: -100oC 399oC (1o increments)

Final temperature: 0oC 400oC (10o increments)

Program rate: 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,16,20,32oC/min

Overheat protection Two stage protection:
  • If the temp. exceeds the set temp. by 30oC, the heater is automatically turned off
  • If the temperature exceeds 420oC, the heater is automatically turned off
Injection port/detector temperature

Temperature range: Ambient 400oC (10oincrements)

Ambient 350oC (ECD model)

Temperature control: Proportional integration type

Temperature control accuracy:
0.1 oC

Overheat protection: yes

Temperature control

(isothermal models)

The column oven, injection port/detector, auxiliary temperatures are selectively indicated; when temperatures have reached the set point, READY is indicated.

Temperature control

(temperature program models)

The column oven, injection port/detector, auxiliary temperatures are selectively indicated, with pushbutton selection

Stainless steel: 6 m x 2

Stainless steel (FPD, ECD models): 12 m x 1

Glass: 5.4 m x 2

Glass (FPD, ECD models): 5.4 m x 1

Capillary (with option): 100 m x 1

Capillary (ECD model, with option): 100 m x 1

Injection port

Two on-column injection ports

FPD, ECD models: One on-column injection port

Flow control: carrier gas

(isothermal models)

TCD, FID models: Two pressure regulators and two column inlet pressure gauges.
Flow control: carrier gas

(isothermal models)

ECD model: One pressure regulator and one column inlet pressure gauge

Flow control: carrier gas

(temperature program models)

TCD, FID models: One primary pressure indicator, one primary pressure gauge, two differential flow controllers, and two column inlet pressure gauges

Flow control: carrier gas

(temperature program models)

FPD model: One primary pressure regulator, one primary pressure gauge, one differential flow controller, and one column inlet pressure gauge
Flow control: Hydrogen FID models: Two pressure regulators and two column inlet pressure gauges
Flow control: Air FID models: One pressure regulator and one pressure gauge
Dimensions (mm) and Weight (kg) (isothermal models)

TCD model: 440W x 405D x 435H, 26.5

FID model: 440W x 405D x 570H, 34.5

ECD model: 440W x 405D x 435H, 26.0

Dimensions (mm) and Weight (kg) (temperature program models)

TCD model: 440W x 405D x 625H, 36.0

FID model: 440W x 405D x 625H, 34.5

FPD model: 440W x 405D x 785H, 35.0

Power requirements AC 100/115V or 200/220V as ordered, 1500VA max., 50/60 Hz






Accessories to Increase Your Productivity


A system is only as good as its' weakest component. Shimadzu HPLC systems integrate the small fixtures that are often overlooked such as flow line switching valves and and degassers. Each is carefully engineered to provide extra convenience for the operator.
Our genuine system options extend performance and flexibility of the VP Series HPLC. FCV Series valves for automated mobile phase solvent selection or column switching technique, DGU Series degassers of different types and sizes, and other peripherals are all designed for Shimadzu HPLC systems, ensuring total system performance.
DGU-14A - Vacuum Membrane Degasser.
FRC-10A - Intelligent Fraction Collector.
Valves - FCV-11AL, FCV-11ALS, FCV-12AH, FCV-13AL, FCV-14AH, FCV-15AL.

Four-Line Membrane Degasser

Shimadzu's vacuum membrane degasser is ultra-compact and stackable in design and provides you with a fast, efficient way to obtain superior degassing of up to four solvents. For stubborn degassing problems, channels may be connected in series to supply even greater degassing efficiency.
The four-channel in-line degasser maintains a strong, steady vacuum to provide the highest level of degassing efficiency. The DGU-14A maintains a dissolved oxygen concentration of 2.0 ppm or less at flow rates of up to 3.0 mL/min (1.5 ppm or less at 1.0 mL/min), and can operate at flow rates of up to 20 mL/min per flow line. Maximum flow rates of up to 80 mL/min can be accommodated by adding two 4-way or 5-way joints to connect flow lines in parallel.
The DGU-14A has an internal capacity of 10 mL per flow line, and uses semi-permeable teflon tubing of 3 mm OD x 1 mm ID for exceptional degassing capacity.
The DGU-14A has many safety features including a leak sensor to detect mobile phase leakage and signal system shut-down, and built-in self-diagnostics which can signal an alarm upon detection of abnormalities. It also has an overheat protection mechanism for added safety.

Fraction Collector

The Shimadzu FRC-10A fraction collector meets the demands for continuous, automated fraction collection. Pair the FRC-10A with the SCL-10AVP system controller for unparalleled performance for a wide range of fraction collection applications.

Small and Large Volume Collection Capacity
The FRC-10A collects both analytical and preparative fractions. The standard configuration has a 144 5mL vial capacity. The large volume kit can be added for large volume collection.

Precise Peltier Temperature Control
For automated collection of thermally-labile fractions, Peltier temperature control keeps temperatures stable within a 4-70 C range.

Simplified Graphical Parameter Entry
Set up fractionation parameters graphically from the SCL-10AVP System Controller. Eliminate the guesswork of determining slope and level values.

Fraction Collection Flexibility
Tailor the collection to your application requirements. Choose from collection criteria such as volume, threshold, and peak purity. A precise peak division feature ensures high purity fractions. The FRC-10A automatically adjusts for retention time shifts, so that only the peak of interest is collected. Our slope-override capability enables continued collection, even when the detector signal is off-scale.

Flow-Channel Selection Valves


Shimadzu offers a complete line of flow selection valves to fully automate your HPLC analysis. These include the FCV-11AL and 11ALS reservoir selection valves, the FCV-12AH high pressure selection valve, the FCV-13AL reservoir selection valve, the FCV-14AH column switching valve, and the FCV-15AL reservoir selection valve.

FCV-11AL and 11ALS Reservoir Selection Valves
  • Connection to the LC-10ADVP and LC-10ATVP solvent delivery units allows switching of 2 solvents, i.e. mobile phase and rinse solvent, etc.
  • The FCV-11AL performs switching for 3 solvent delivery units; the FCV-11ALS for 1 solvent delivery unit.

FCV-12AH High Pressure Selection Valves

  • Houses 6-port, 2-position valve.
  • Performs automatic 2-column switching, pretreatment and flow-line switching.

FCV-13AL Reservoir Selection Valve

  • Reservoir selection valve housing 7-port, 6-position valve.
  • Performs switching of up to 6 solvents for stepwise gradient.

FCV-14AH Column Switching Valve

  • Column switching valve housing 7-port, 6-position high pressure valve.
  • Used for automatic multi-column switching (2 valves required).

FCV-15AL Reservoir Selection Valve With Rinse Pump

  • Used with the LC-10ATVP. Rinses the back of the pump's plunger seals and switches between two solvents (mobile phase and rinse solution).




pH Meter


pH Meter(RPH-7)
JASHBIN portable pH meter occupies an important position in the laboratory. These PH meter meet all requirements from routine measurments through quality checks up to research application. Very easy to use routine laboratory PH meter with large multi functional display with auto calibration system. Including electrode, calibration kit, 9 V battery.

Salient Features:
Digital Display
PH range:0.00 to 14.00pH/+1999 mV/0.0 100C
Interchangable Electrodes
Auto Calibration pH 4.0, 7.0, 10.0

  pH Temperature mV or Rel mV
Range 0.00 to 14.00 pH 0 to 100C 1000mV
Resolution 0.01 pH 0.1C 1mV
Acuracy 0.01 pH
0.5C 2mV
Calibration Up to 3 points 5.0C 50mV