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Weighing Balances: 


1. Analytical Analysis :

Simple usage, flexible in operation and dependability model ER-A series of balance an ideal choice for full integration with the standard or automated laboratory system and procedures.


  • A dual range, semi micro Analytical Balance  in the series i.e., model ER-182A.
  • Large, easy to read green florescent display.
  • Large glassed-in weighing chamber that opens from both sides and the top for easy loading.
  • Build in calibration weight.
  • Underhook for density measurement and weighing magnetic material.
  • Density of solids can also be determined with optional density determination kit.
  • Statistical printing available with optional compact printer and RS-232 interface.


HM - Series :

  • 0.01mg semi micro resolution (HM-202)
  • Motor driven internal calibration weight for enhance accuracy.
  • Piece counting and Percentage function are standard features.
  • Conforms with GLP and LIMS requirements.
  • System diagnostics alerts operator of potential system and operation errors.
  • Digital tare allows entry of tare values through a PC. Particularly useful when weighing various samples.
  • Underhook for density measurements and weighing magnetic material.


HR - Series :

  • Last digit blanking allows speedy and stable weighing.
  • Underhook for density measurements and weighing magnetic material.
  • System diagnostics provides provides error signals for low battery, overload error, Weighing pan error, calibration error etc.
  • Digital tare capability.


Precision Balance :

  • The ergonomic design of FX Series balance gives the performance you need to do the job quickly and accuratly.
  • Features :
  • Piece counting, Animal weighing and percentage functions are standard features.
  • ACAI function automatically revises the unit weight as more pieces are added for accurate counting.
  • Sharp, bright, easy to read, green florescent display.
  • Full digital calibration.
  • Underhook for density measurements and weighing magnetic material.
  • Optional Accessories - RS 232 C / Current loop, glass breeze break, rechargeable battery pack, density determination kit, printer and calibration masses.

HF-6100 :

  • Piece counting, Animal weighing and percentage functions are standard features.
  • Full digital calibration.
  • System self diagnostics.
  • Advanced communication software integrates instruments with computers.


HP - 30K and HP - 20K :

  • Standard adjustable swing - arm display, eye-level to bench top.
  • Piece counting, Animal weighing and percentage functions are standard features.
  • Large stainless steel weighing pan resistant to water and dust.
  • Large, easy to read green florescent display.
  • HI/GO/LO Comparator output (optional)


  • Build in weighing unit plus counting & percentage.
  • Standard Comparator function - HI/GO/LO annunciator.
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function.
  • Overload protection. Overload indication saves time and improves operational efficiency.
  • 1/20000 high resolution (EK-20G / EK-2000G)
  • Large LCD display - easy to read at a wide distance .
  • Auto power off.
  • Sealed key panels protects against dust and spills.
  • Easy battery replacement.
  • Choose from eleven different models from 60g - 12Kg.
  • Portable compact size, light weight, rugged body.
  • Small footprint satisfies any space requirements.

Flexible and expandability in operation helps achieves better productivity.


Expandability :

  • Optional rechargeable battery operation.
  • Control zero, mode selection and data output with optional RS-232C.
  • Under hook weighing (EK-6000G/12Kg).
  • Comparator-Relay output (optional).
  • Current loop output (optional).

Operational flexibility widens the scope of scale usages.

Optional Accessories :

Option OP-02 Display Pod Extension cable (5m) : Increases flexibility for display placement.

Option OP-03 Serial Interface (RS-232)/Comparator-relay Output : Interface to printer or computer for shipping or production control. Activates buzzer or light to aid in packaging and quality control.

Option OP-04 comparator relay output : Activates Comparator lights and buzzers.

Option OP-05 Current loops : Drives a printer or remote display.

Option OP-07 Under Hook (only EK-6000G and EK-12KG) : Allows under the pan weighing for density determination.

Option OP-09 Rechargeable Battery Pack (NiCd) : Provides complete portability and allows continued operation in areas with power problems.




  • Selectable weighing modes : kg, counting or percentage (HW only)
  • Standard counting function for application requiring fast and efficient counting.
  • Standard comparator function with +/OK/- annunciation.
  • Large easy to display (character height 22mm), mounted on along column.
  • Optional comparator output sounds a buzzer on selected comparator settings.
  • Auto power off preserves battery life (selectable)
  • Standard battery compartment for easy battery replacements.
  • Selectable counting sample (5, 10, 20, 50 or 100).

Counting facility & limit setting function widens the usage of the scale.


Laboratory Balance (RLB - 4/6/15)
JASHBIN Electronic laboratory balances are ideal for educational, industrial and general laboratory weighing, where accuracy and portability are important factor.

Salient Features:
Large LCD display
Automatic calibration
Overload protection
Stainless steel weighing plate.

Technical Details
Capacity: 400/600/1500 gm
readability: 0.001 gm

Chemical Balance (RCB - 8/10)
JASHBIN Chemical Electronic balances are specially designed for industrial and general laboratory weighing.

Salient Features:
Large LCD display
Overload protection
Stainless steel weighing plate.

Technical Details
Capacity: 8/10 kg
readability: 0.1 gm

Supply : 230 V Single-pH 50 Hz