From the Company with
30 Years
Experience in the Boiler Field

The Professionals of  boilers have 30 years experience in the boiler field. Boiler of foreign origin were also handled with expertise to the satisfaction of the customers. The continuous development in the Boiler technology resulting into the latest package boiler is employed at our works.

 Package Boilers ( except small size in coal fired ) are three pass wet back, horizontal,
smoke tube type fusion welded.  Boilers are made to ISO. R 831 / IBR code. Components are engineered for maximum safety, highest efficiency, dependability and quiet operation.
Wet back Models eliminate rear end refractory and its inherent maintenance cost, rear tube sheet design reduces stress and ligament cracking, radiant heat is eliminated, lengthening tube life and reducing heat loss from rear turnaround.

The standard pressure ranges are 10.54 Kg / Cm2 ( 150 psi ) 14 Kg / Cm2 ( 250 psi ) &
17.5 Kg / Cm2 ( 250 psi ) Units with higher pressure are available on request.

A complete set of Steam and water mountings of superior types are supplied with each boiler.
These include :
a) Safety Valves.
b) Main Steam Stop Valve.
c) Two water level sets (LH & RH) with protectors.
d) Feed Check Valves.
e) Blow Down Valve.
f) Pressure gauge with Syphon and Plug for inspector's test gauge.
g) Air Vent Valve.
h) Multistage Feed Pumps.
i) Ladder & Platform.

 Boiler is completely lagged with 100 mm thick heat resistance insulation covered
with heavy galvanised metal covers / Aluminum
This assures economical operation and cools boiler room.


 burners throughly mix high velocity combustion air with fuel to produce high Co2, without Co, with low excess air.  Burners are designed to automize light or heavy oils with complete combustion within the furnace tube.  Heavy oil is purged for quick startup which eliminates choking.
Within the furnace tube, high turbulence is utilized to complete mixing of air with fuel.

 Package boilers are shop assembled and no special foundations are required.  Each unit is a complete package ready for quick installation and Connection for your service lines.  For easy internal maintenance and cleaning, Manhole & Mudhole doors are well placed.
Boiler tubes are easy to inspect as hinged front & backdoors enable quick and easy maintenance,
inspection or cleaning. Spares are easily available.

 Forced Draft Burner System
A Safe efficient, reliable burner control system gives precise
air / fuel mixture that saves your money every hour.

After over night shut-down only twenty minutes are required to raise steam to maximum
continuous rating from 5 Kg./Cm2 to 10.4 Kg/Cm (150 psig).

Efficiency of oil fired boiler on N. C. V. is 88 % with B. S. / DIN tolerance on a very wide working range and higher figures are not un-common.  Steam of high purity and dryness fraction is
generated as heat transfer surfaces in the boiler is judiciously accommodated.

Every boiler is test fired before shipment including a complete check of controls.
 offers start - up adjustments to your fuel and your load.  Special training of your operator is available.

 is fully equipped to make waste heat boilers for varieties of waste gases
produced in different industries. Our designs are all computerized.